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Rotary Club of DurbarMarg
RI District: 3292
Duguna Gadi Community Sanitary Project-GG 1758528

Rotary Club of Durbarmarg in coordination with the Cooperating Partner, EcoHimal Nepal is implementing Duguna Gadi Community Sanitary Project in ward number 3 of Bhotekoshi Rural Municipality of Sindhupalchowk District. In close coordination with local government, the project is constructing 60 biogas plants in the project area, minimizing the unsustainable consumption of firewood and financial burden to procure liquefied petroleum gas (cylinder gas) for cooking. The project is promoting biogas as eco-friendly alternative energy integrating agriculture, sanitation and hygiene and livestock production. It is an offer of a source of clean fuel, with numerous environmental benefits, such as reducing fuelwood consumption, making valuable nutrients available to the soil, benefits in health and hygiene, etc.