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Rotary Club of DurbarMarg
RI District: 3292
School Reconstruction- Janajagaran Basic School, Bhumlu Rural Municipality, Kavre

This project is under implementation in coordination with cooperating partner, EcoHimal Nepal in financial support of Earthquake Relief, Rehabilitation Program (ERRP), RI District 3292 and Nepal Hilfearuntal through EcoHimal Austria. The construction of a two storey 4 roomed RCC seismic resilient school building in  Janajagaran Basic School of Bhumlu Rural Municipality is on-going by contracting company, DKPS Construction Pvt. Ltd. following disaster resilient standards and techniques. Disaster resilience of school building will provide safer learning environment for 108 school children consisting 51 (47.22%) female students. School building was completely damaged and school children were studying under 2 temporary learning centres. The project also will strengthen institutional capacity of 100% teachers, 60% SMC members and 60% PTA members for disaster resilience by end of the project.